We are now a Texas registered LLC. All communications will henceforth be addressed to/as Integrated Landscape Architecture, LLC. Duane F. Bungo, Mgr.


We are pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Maggie Weber to our team. She will serve as our Lead Landscape Designer and will be responsible for producing the majority of our commercial landscape designs. Ms. Weber holds a Landscape Architecture degree from Texas A&M University.


Yay again! We are now licensed in Louisiana. We look forward to developing strong working relationships with architectural and civil engineering firms in The Pelican State. Go Tigers! ( Note: we plan to be licensed in Florida as well by the end of this summer )


Yay! We no longer have to ask our partners to "save down" their CAD drawings before sending them to us. We bit the bullet and up-graded to AutoCAD Standard 2015.


We have recently completed our largest multi-family project ever. It is a 13.5 acre apartment complex called Katy Ranch Crossing in Katy, Texas. It was a large sprawling apartment development comprised of 22 buildings. We did the complete landscape and irrigation designs. Congratulatuions to everyone involved.


We have discontinued our Fax Machine / Fax Line due to lack of interest. All copy transfers will now be done electronically via e-mail using Adobe Pdf files.  I guess it was fun while it lasted. ( Not really! )  We are all very happy that the Fax machine is out of our lives.


This Website is the newest (and biggest) thing to happen at Integrated Landscape Architecture for a long time. We hope all of the pertinent information you are looking for is here. If you see anything you think we can improve feel free to send us an e-mail and let us know. Enjoy.